Corporate Citizenship

As indicated in Our Vision, GEG has stated that the Middle East, with its growth and expansion as a Region, the demand and supply of alternative green energy solutions are a high priority, and such provisions impact on many people’s lives in their respective communities in many different ways.

GEG takes responsibility for those green energy solutions very seriously and the subsequent involvement that imposes. The Lead Team on behalf of Green Energy Group is committed to ensuring the highest levels of corporate citizenship are deployed.

Health and Safety

As we grow as a company, the health and safety of our people is our number one priority throughout our journey. As our footprint grows, so must our application, leadership and practices toward a safer working environment with zero MTI’s & LTI’s as our goal.
The health of our people is paramount, and all the appropriate processes will be followed to ensure their health is never compromised in any of our operating environments.

Our Community Support & Noble Cause Contributions

It is our aim, as good corporate citizens, to build and operate our plants with zero emissions and to ensure we engage the concerns of any community member, if offered.

We are committed to providing the members of the community competitively priced green electricity, potable water and district cooling where ever possible within our client partnerships.

It has also been agreed and provisioned in our charter that a percentage of our profits will be returned to the community in which we operate, to be part of our ongoing Noble Cause Strategy within the community.

As provider of green energy solutions from the receipt of local domestic municipal waste, sewage, sludge and liquids, it is fundamental to our operating values that we lead the community with our demonstration of environmental excellence.

Business Conduct & Execution

Green Energy Group are committed to delivering the highest levels of Corporate Governance supported by the highest levels of ethic in the fulfilment of its duties, which must apply to all its operations.

Employee Workforce Diversity

We believe, allied to our technology solution, that staff are our most sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, they must be allowed to achieve their full potential commensurate with the achievement of our business goals.