Our Mission

GEG is determined to provide our unique patented technology to those organizations who have a need to calibrate there waste management facilities in line with local and international mandates for ‘greening their operations’.

“To provide local communities with green energy solutions that are self-sustaining and the provisioning of electricity, potable water, and district cooling at competitive rates all derived from each household’s domestic waste.”

GEG is fully committed to being the long term partner in a seamless, sensitive manner with its engagement model that Clients applaud as a best practice approach to achieving the client’s strategic plans and goals.

To provide the ultimate solution to replace ‘waste management landfill practices’, and allow those organizations to earn Green Credentials.

It is our mission to be the Green Energy Solution for Developers, who are renowned for building large housing developments and who need to ‘Green’ those estates with a self sustaining green energy solution, thus making those estates independent from the supply of utilities from local government.

Ultimately, to provide our children, and our children’s children, with a sustainable harmonious way of life, as a reward for answering the call ‘to go green’. To show them the world is safer with a green mindset on everything we do from this day forth.