Our Responsibilites

The Lead Team must recognize and focus their leadership & management – ‘duty of care’ – to constantly assess ways of delivering value and improvement to the following constituents of our company.

Investors & Shareholders

To ensure our investment and shareholder community are protected by the continual long-term ROI. Those returns must be equal to, or greater than, our competitors.

Financial Partners/Funders

We must ensure we demonstrate financial leadership and financial governance of the highest order to meet our responsibilities, on time and in full.

Our Employees

To uphold and ensure all our employees receive and experience our Core Values daily, respecting their human rights. We must ensure they are exposed to world best practice occupational and safety standards, with zero ratings on LTI’s & MTI’s.

We must practice and demonstrate our Leadership Mantra that quote
“our staff are our most sustainable competitive advantage”.

Therefore, we must promote the development of our staff, and the best use of their talents, with a full design on career path development and succession planning to meet our growth as an organization. Equal opportunities must prevail to develop his or her skills.

Our staff must be included and consulted in our planning sessions and given clear directions of what to do and what is expected, with the provision of channels and systems to report their concerns – which must be recognized.

To our Clients and those who engage our Company’s Services

Through the provision of our core green energy solutions, ensure our Client Partnership creates new ways of conducting business together, to create value, profit, and competitiveness.
Ensuring that both parties explore methods to secure big gains from productivity, new market place values, new products and greater quality, with reduced costs.

We must seek mutually beneficial relationships with contractors, suppliers, and in joint ventures and to promote our technological driven green solutions.

Deliver our Vision, Mission, and Values in a way that benefits our Clients to sustain our partnership for the long-term.

To our Down-Line Customers

To ensure they are the recipients of a green solution which gives them access at competitive rates.

To Society

To ensure GEG are a responsible corporate citizen. GEG must respect, embrace and comply with local applicable laws and regulations; to support human rights in line with special emphasis on health, safety, and security of the environment.