Our Values

Our Lead Team

Our staff and future employees, all must commit to our GEG Core Values and ensure they practice those important behaviours, each and every day, both inside our organization and inside the Client’s organization.

It is our leadership mandate that each individual in our company will demonstrate honesty, openness, pride, trust, respect, teamwork, professionalism and demonstrate active listening when being engaged by fellow employees as a core behaviour with each and every interaction at all levels of our company.

Our Value Drivers


We are committed to being sensitive, and understanding and caring in our service of each other, understanding that committed people have passion and beliefs, and these traits must be recognized and acknowledged by each other.


We are committed to being honest, accountable, and transparent in all work and relationships, working as a TEAM. Together Everyone Achieves More.

We are committed to treating each other as we expect to be treated. We must anticipate and accept that diversity of view, approach, and considered individual opinions, are what make organizations successful, and therefore must be encouraged in the workplace.

We are committed to being the very best we can be, creating the tailored solution, in a customized way, for our clients to achieve their goals and strategies. Giving them environmentally responsible green energy solutions that benefit the community they serve.

Active Listening by All

For the time being lay aside your own views and values and enter another’s world without prejudice” Carl Rogers.

We are committed to actively listen at all times – when people feel they are being heard, they respond favourably and new possibilities open up in the relationship both inside our company and our clients.

Our Lead Team must ensure our culture is about a management style that catches people doing things right, not wrong! We are committed to recognizing and celebrating the efforts and achievements of our staff, supporters, and the Clients we assist and partner.