Our Vision

Our vision is to be the leading provider of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Solutions and Services to government and private enterprises and organizations.

As a Full Service Provider of Renewable & Sustainable Energy Solutions, GEG offers its clients end-to-end green solutions that result in a positive return on investment and gives a competitive edge in their industry and business.

GEG is able to take industrial businesses on the ‘green journey’ reaching new heights of excellence in their determination to ‘Go Green’ within their existing operation.

GEG is an integrator, producer, exporter of equipment and ‘turn-key’ solutions, using most forms of waste, both solid, sludge and liquid, as its feedstock, and converting it to energy in the forms of gases, liquids, and electricity, and in some instances, using the processes for valuable product recovery.

The patented technology, with its zero emissions, provides our clients with waste to energy solutions that lead the world in converting our clients existing operations and providing them with exceptional green credentials.

GEG goal is to become the preferred choice for Local Authorities/Municipalities in greening their operation by completing the following practices:

  • Close their landfill operations.

  • Consume their entire locality’s MSW (domestic municipal waste) via our technology.

  • Elimination and removal of the storage of millions of old tires from landfill sites.

  • Replant the closed landfills with Mega Flora trees to remove impurities in the soil and landscape the landfill.

  • Our technology will transform the waste products received and can provide back to that municipality – electricity, potable water, district cooling and other energy fuels as required – making the Municipality a truly green operation end-to-end and completely sustainable.

GEG is strategically aligned to become the first choice for Governments, Local Governments and Private Organizations, including Developers, who construct large housing projects, and who wish to provide sustainable green energy solutions.