Directors Roles

Group Chairman:

  • The Group Chairman’s role is to ensure the highest levels of Diplomacy, Confidentiality, and Corporate Citizenship is demonstrated at all times. As Chairman, his key focus is to ensure GEG delivers its Values and Responsibilities in accordance with our strategic plan of growth, in addition to directing the Technical Lead Team as to those requirements for each site-specific project.

Group Managing Director:

  • The Group MD’s responsibility is to ensure the delivery of our Vision, Mission, and Values, ensuring the successful implementation of GEG’s corporate goals.

  • Ensuring GEG’s Investment and Shareholder community are protected by continual long term ROI and other benefits.

  • To lead the company in achieving its growth and footprint strategies within budget, and in a measured approach, minimizing our financial exposure & risks, yet delivering Profit, Growth & Competitive Advantage.

Group Finance Director:

  • The Group FDs role is to ensure GEG demonstrate financial leadership & governance of the highest order to meet our responsibilities on time and in full with our financial partners and funders to international accounting standards.

  • To ensure our anticipated growth is correctly geared, and our ROFE meets expectations of the Groups shareholders.

Group Operations Director:

  • The Group OD’s role is to implement the Board’s decisions in respect of all projects, and to report monthly on implementation progress.

Business Development Director:

  • The BDD’s primary role will be to be the first point of contact with those parties interested in the provision of our Green Energy Solutions.

Non Executive Director – Compliance

  • This Non-Exec’s role is to independently represent the shareholders, investors, and banker’s interests in each site-specific project at Board level to enable verification that the strategies are being implemented at project level in accordance with the agreements and directions of the Board for the said parties (see notes under Independent Technical Assessor.)

Regional Chairman – Middle East

  • The Regional Chairman is to ensure our regional strategic footprint is implemented in accordance with our global strategy. His focus will be to manage our in-country relationships in the region at the highest levels of client relations.

Non-Executive Director – Libya

  • This N-ED will be our first point of contact within Libya. He will liaise with the Technical Lead Team and the Regional Chairman to provide our Green Energy Solutions to those interested parties in Country.