The PM Team

The Project Management Team comprises of two elements, namely, Technical Lead Team, and the Principal Project Partners.

Technical Lead Team

Technical Team Leader
The Leader’s role is to ensure each Site-Specific Project is managed within the Mobilisation Agreements for the design, implementation and rules/regulations agreed for the site and plant, and to see Tenders, Budgets and Contracts are executed with due diligence and governance. Also as a trained Chartered Accountant, a close eye is kept on ensuring the figures balance.

Scientific Leader
The Scientific Leader will lead the Mobilisation Process which defines the Site-Specific Project requirements within the needs specified in the project brief, and will determine the required skills needed to bring together the Executive Team of Partners to design, plan, engineer, construct and execute the plant. This Leader is one the world’s leading scientists in this field and is consultant to the United States Government Department of Energy, besides many others.

Technical Legal Counsel
Counsel is a nuclear physicist turned lawyer, and became a trained legislator in the USA. He is therefore knowledgeable and skilled to construct the technical contracts needed for tendering the requirements of each project, and he will guide the partners in ensuring all regulations are complied with, but also protect the interests of GEG in the construction stages.

Independent Technical Assessor
As the independent ‘implant’ within GEG, nominated by the Assessors, this person’s role is set out in the Project Partners Bio for each specific site.

Principal Project Partners

As indicated above, the Scientific Leader will determine the Principal Project Partners technical skills required for each site specific project, and therefore the Partners will inevitably vary from site to site according to the needs of the project.

However, most Project Partners will be well known worldwide, and those not so publicly well known, will be leaders in their skill sectors. GEG only use those parties who have been involved with projects in the past, or who are bringing specialist skills for those specific site requirements.